I've always had a hard time finding words to describe my style. It wasn't until my last couple of trips to Taiwan that made me realize how much Taiwanese sentiment is steeped in every part of my life. The cheeky humor, the funny line between cute and weird, the slightly obscene, the independent yet undeniably friendly spirit. I remember going to the toy dispensers at the 7/11's and buying tofu head figurines, each one with a different personality, to bring back home for my friends in the States. My house has become a museum of knick-knacks that I've collected throughout my life; a good handful from my trips to Taiwan. 

Taiwanese culture is still very unknown to the western world. For me, it's my a-ma's nylon flower arrangements carefully shaped by wire. A bowl of wax apples always at the table - fruit as a gesture of love. Not taking it all too seriously. Breakfast. A kindness that is not obligatory because of tourism or borne out of politeness, but rather a genuine desire to help and welcome. 

Day Trip is here to share the spirit of Taiwan with you. Come by, take a look, and have fun :) 歡迎光臨, Amanda.